Cracking the Code! Technology Review on QR Code

June 13, 2010 vidajimenez

As Americans we are used to the standard upc bar coding system showing up at the check out counter at our favorite retail store or the local grocery store.  This system provides a small amount of information on any product such as the price and the amount available in a particular store or location. The type of technology seems impressive but what if their was a system that could store even more data, better yet what if the accessibility was just a phone click away? Surprisingly, the United States is a little behind because our friends in Japan have created this very system  called Quick Response and had been in the making since 1994.

The QR system was initially used for tracking vehicle parts as opposed to the early bar coding system, which was used for identifying and counting train cars. But what sets the two systems apart is the advance speed and data storage available on the QR system. As time progressed the Japanese started using this system for multiple purposes such as coupons, urls, geographic locations, business cards, advertising and much more. So how does one have such easy access to the system? Most Japanese mobile devices have a built-in camera and the reading software application installed so cracking the code is simple, just snap a picture and the system does the rest.

The name speaks for itself the quick response has the ability to send you directly to a company’s website, provide you with details about a business, watch a movie trailer or even give you an mp3 of your favorite band. Did I mention that it is readable from any direction and is dirt and damage resistant? But Americans, don’t get too jealous because the applications are starting to pop up in the United States. Cell phones such as the android and i phone already have the software applications that are ready to download. The only problem is getting the trend to stick in the U.S. and  making the transition from 1D to 2D since most businesses use 1D coding systems.

Once businesses understanding how beneficial this type of technology will be for marketing and advertising purposes I think most industries will jump on the bandwagon. Besides, Japan as a prime example and proof that this type of technology is functional and very useful. One interesting use would be the to use of QR codes on business cards, by having this on the business cards it also everyone to save paper and store personal information on cell phones instantly.

Overall, I think if we could have the success of adapting the QR coding system then local and global companies would have an easier way to brand themselves and stay connected with their selected audiences. It would not only increases their traffic but I believe overall sales would increase as well. I can’t wait for the day when QR is available everywhere in the United States and I won’t have to use google search engine for everything. But for now I will just settle with using my I touch.


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