So fresh and so clean clean…

June 3, 2010 vidajimenez

It is no surprise that the United States is one of the  dirtiest countries in the world, mainly due to pure laziness and the lack of emphasis on recycling. No matter how much we push to go green if the whole state or country as a whole doesn’t participant is makes it almost impossible to have litter free streets. I definitely feel strongly about this issue after visiting such a clean and respectful country known as Japan. In fact, the first thing I said to everyone when they asked what was your favorite part about Japan? My response, how much they care about their environment and how they managed to be an over populated country and I have yet to see one piece of trash on the ground. One thing I noticed was the lack of trash cans, this made you realize how much trash you are producing so it made you second guess your purchases.


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  • 1. botorow1  |  June 3, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    The lack of trash cans was frustrating. But I do see your point. With all the recycle bins around, the Japanese are more likely to recycle anyway. I did hate the fact that I needed to hold onto my trash, but the mass amount of bottle recycle was nice. I guess Dr C. was right. He said that most Japanese eat right where they buy, they don’t hold onto items that would lead to trash later.

  • 2. kiyabarden  |  June 7, 2010 at 4:13 am

    “So fresh and So clean” is an absolute great name for this blog. Japan is the cleanest place I have ever seen. The streets are gorgeous and everything is so organized. I mean not only are they clean but they are also very green. They have recycle bins everywhere and I thought that was wonderful. I love their cleanliness.

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