June 3, 2010 vidajimenez

Fashion is something I consider one of my obsessions and like any other addict to the fashion world Harajuku is in my vocabulary. I have known since I was about 12 years old that one day when I was able to visit Japan that this was a must shopping spot.  The different fashion trends in japan such as lolita, cosplay, ganguro(black-face),Chapatsu(hair-dye),and kogals(California valley girls) were all very real and present the day we went to Harajuku and the rest of Tokyo. It was recommended to visit on a Sunday to have the full experience but unlike the rest of our trip the weather wasn’t very forgiving. It was a cold and rainy Sunday but we still managed to see lots of interesting fashion trends and styles. My favorite outfit was of a man dressed up in a gothic cos-play outfit waiting in line at McDonald’s for the bathroom. This would be so out of the ordinary in the US but here its just another day in Harajuku.


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  • 1. kiyabarden  |  June 7, 2010 at 4:07 am

    I wasn’t that impressed by Harajuku, maybe because it rained the entire time we were there. The fashions in Japan were really pretty and fun. It seems like you can just let loose with the trends. The Japanese women looked amazing and seemed like they had no care in the world. There fashions may look crazy to us in the States but absolutely wonderful to them in Japan.

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