May 29, 2010 vidajimenez

To be honest I had only been familiar with Miyajima by a picture I saw once of the o-torii gate. Two train rides and one ferry later we arrived to a national park where wild deer roamed the streets, we were surrounded by greenery,historic  structures, and lots of shrines. I couldn’t believe how friendly the sika deer were, if you didn’t watch your papers and clothing you may just leave with a few bite marks. I learned that this sacred island for buddhist and Shintoist and that the eldest shrine is the Itsukushima shrine. I really enjoyed visiting all the different shrines and walking up to the five-story pagoda. Even the history of the O-torii gate until know I didn’t know that it stands on it own and appears to float in the water. Here is where I also tried fried oysters for the first time, which I really enjoyed eating and the preparation as it was cooked on the grill. Overall, this beautiful island made me appreciation the different culture and religion that Japan has to offer.


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  • 1. mussere1  |  May 31, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Miyajima was an interesting place to say the least. The deer reminded me of large, smelly, and “friendly” (more like scavengers) squirrels. The temple there was really cool and the island in general was really interesting and I wish we could’ve had more time to explore different parts of it and see how the locals lived.

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