Maid Cafe Experience

May 29, 2010 vidajimenez

As a female when I heard we were going to a cafe served my females dressed up as french maids I wasn’t super excited. In fact, I totally thought is would be sort of uncomfortable and since it was in the heart of the electronic district I figured we would be then only women in the cafe. Surprisingly, it is a very popular place  for everyone to enjoy delicious sweets such as ice cream, chocolate lava cakes and more.

Unlike American cafe’s there was a cover charge to enter the cafe and we weren’t allowed to take photographs, I believe it is due to the nature of the outfits the servers are wearing. I did enjoy the song and dance we had to perform before eating our meal. This performance was to ensure that is was made with love and now was ready to eat. Yes, this tiny crowded cafe was actually fun and thanks to our professor we were able to take a group photo provided by the cafe and I was able to wear a cute headband for the picture. I was also informed that there are now cafe’s with male servers that wear butler outfits…now that is something I think would be interesting to see.


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